IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Gain greater visibility & control of your assets and improve service delivery & productivity with our IoT Sensor Solutions and Xpand Cloud Platform and custom integrated solutions. From NB-IoT through to LoraWAN and Sigfox, we are your network-neutral partner of choice for all your IoT Solutions opportunities.

Selected Strategic Partners include Tektelic, CCM Systems, Huawei, CAT Telecom


Smart Agriculture

Over millennia, agriculture has continued to evolve. Today, there is a new wave of opportunity for farmers to tackle issues of productivity and sustainability in remote regions through mobile phones and wireless technology. With demand for food to grow up to 70% by 2050, there is a greater need to innovate and improve agriculture productions. Our IoT solutions can help the agriculture industry grow.

Enhances overall farm operations with crop health management and predictive yield modelling from agri-data benchmarking.

Provides soil condition monitoring as well as pest control & management using automated irrigation.

Improve aquaculture conditions through automated pumps control and water quality monitoring.

Our IoT technology is at the heart of the world’s new smart cities. They enable a range of people-friendly solutions, such as intelligent transport, improved safety and security and remote monitoring and maintenance of public facilities.

Smart Environment

Cut costs and carbon emissions
We can help councils take control of their energy usage across multiple sites. Smart meters, installed in offices, depots, call centres and more collect and report data on electricity, gas, and water use

Cut the need for regular check-ups
IoT-enabled lights can cut the need for regular engineer check-ups by alerting authorities before they fail. IoT can also help reduce electricity costs, with lights able to intelligently detect when there is little or no traffic and turn themselves off or dim

Improve air quality
IoT monitors installed around the city can sense and report back to central systems on local humidity, dust levels, harmful chemicals, pressure, and other factors — minute by minute

Optimize waste collection
With our IoT solutions, refuse collectors can make fewer journeys and use less fuel, and councils can cut the number of refuse trucks they run


Smart Utilities

Today smart metering is being used to facilitate a wide range of applications in remote meter reading, customer relationship management, demand-side management and value-added services. Smart meters that enable two-way communication between the meter and the central system are making it possible to engage with consumers in new and innovative ways and to deliver a higher level of customer service than ever before.


Smart Home

Smart IoT technology is already being applied to home appliances, for example a smart chip within a fridge-freezer or air conditioning unit that can power down the appliance when it is at the optimum temperature and power on again when required.


Smart transport

Remotely track and monitor your vehicles and enhance responsible driving

Our fleet telematics service gathers vehicle usage data, enabling you to remotely track and monitor your vehicles’ locations and condition via extensive reporting and mapping. This makes a wide range of insights available for the accurate management of information about the vehicle fleet.

Crash reconstruction, remote diagnostics, fuel consumption and driving behaviour presents powerful information tool to manage fleets and enhance a responsible use of vehicles.

Fleet portal, APIs, user roles 

Access vehicle and fleet data through our web interface and APIs. The portal dashboard is customisable to suit the levels of visibility based on profiles and hierarchy
Driving style reporting, for drivers' safety

Detailed reporting on driving styles and behaviour for each trip, highlights any risk areas that need improvement and help lower insurance premiums
Monitor vehicle diagnostic

With fleet telematics, managers gain a real-time view of all vehicle diagnostics. Monitor mileage, fuel consumption, battery levels, DTCs, tire pressure, oil and water

Creation of strategic partnerships

Build valuable partnerships with OEMs, by sharing telematics data to offer better services and provide greater value for customers and drivers
Crash assistance and claim management

Fleet telematics detects when a crash has occurred and provides detailed reconstruction reports to show how it happened and provide emergency assistance to drivers

Telematics platform, telemetry device and operations

We develop the telematics architecture, we design, develop, produce and can install the telemetry boxes for you, or you can set up and complete the fleet installation yourself

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