Facial Recognition System

Development of intelligent policing is driving evolution of the Safe City surveillance system: from supporting the simple real-time video browsing and post-event playback to supporting intelligent event prevention, video command, and post-event Big Data investigation. Changes to the applications of industry customers call for changing of the ways data is used. How to make full use of video data is a primary problem faced by intelligent policing as they are working on advancing development of Internet-based surveillance applications.

In the past, surveillance systems were constructed based on a siloed architecture, leading to many isolated videos and hindering the development of comprehensive analytical and practical applications. Integrated Big Data analysis is changing the nature of intelligent policing by playing an increasingly important role in Safe City construction. Customers demand that technologies and solutions give full play to the value of video data, raising the requirements on video data collection, processing, and analysis. These requirements have made building a Video Cloud system with sharing, intelligence, and openness an inevitable step

Traditionally, video applications were deployed on appliances, meaning video management and analysis systems were independent and data was isolated. Customers need a unified cloud to perform lifecycle management on videos and allow for the free mobility of data. The cloud platform enables data sharing, leading the transition from a siloed architecture to cloud architecture.

Collaborative Communications

Collaborative communication has now crossed over into mainstream businesses. Tackling complex problems, fostering creativity and nurturing collaborative solutions is, after all, common to most businesses. The terms cooperation, coordination, and collaboration are often used interchangeably. However, collaboration refers to a higher level of joint working in which people and resources that beforehand may have operated in different spheres separated by organizational and reporting relationships, are pooled together and products are shared towards a common end goal. The glue that binds these collaborative teams together is communication.

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